Sectional Title Management

The management of sectional title schemes and homeowners associations requires particular skills. Although Centro Property Group specializes in retail and commercial property management, we do have experience in sectional title management and our director Erna Grobler has extensive experience in this field and has successfully managed various schemes and associations.

Our services include secretarial and accounting functions, supported by the use of the MDA Property Management System, as well as additional services.

Centro Property Group is in good standing with the Estate Agencies Affairs Board.

1. Secretarial Services

• Scheduling and attending trustee meetings
• Advising the trustees on relevant legislative matters
• Taking of minutes at all meetings and keeping the minute books up to date.
• Assist the trustees and directors to enforce the house rules
• Arranging all meetings and sending of notices of meetings in terms of legislative outlines
• Keep record of attendance registers of any employees of the sectional title scheme or home owners association

2. Accounting Services

• Send out levy statements on a monthly basis
• Legal collection of arrear levies
• Updating defaulting owner’s status at the credit bureau
• Prepare the annual budget and submit to the trustees or directors for their approval
• Keep full records of the administration and accounting records.
• Prepare monthly financial reports
• Submit annual audited statements to the Trustees/Directors and Members
• Paying of staff salaries
• Ordering of cleaning materials and other essentials
• Completing and submitting all returns to SARS
• Management of the local municipality accounts

3. Maintenance Services

Maintenance is done on a day-to-day basis in conjunction with the trustees and or the caretaker of the complex. Our hand on approach is supported by a small team of dedicated independent contractors who are available twenty four hours a day; seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Our operations manager oversees the maintenance teams and site visits are done with the trustees or caretaker on a monthly basis where after a detailed property maintenance report is submitted to the trustees.

4. Outsourcing of Skills

• Horticultural Services
• Security Services
• Cleaning Services
• Meter Reading Services
• Waste Removal

These service are made possible because of our long standing relationships with external service providers who are specialists in their fields.

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