The fundamental principal of letting is to co-ordinate the marketing of vacant shops, offices and other space identified on the common property that generate an income for the landlord. In order to achieve this, Centro Property Group believes in marketing these spaces, maintaining liaison with other agents and ensuring vacant premises are in a good and attractive state.

The negotiations of rentals in existing leases are done based on the landlord’s budget and compared to current market rentals. These negotiations are done prior to the dates specified in such leases or to their expiry, subject to the approval of the Landlord.

Careful vetting of all applicants is crucial in the placement of any new tenant. We are compliant with all FIC regulations as set out in the Financial Intelligence Act 38 of 2001 and we do thorough credit checks to ensure the financial stability of the prospective tenant. The negotiation of rentals, tenant refurbishing allowances as well as the terms and conditions on all new offers to lease are done in conjunction with the landlord and the budget provided.

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