Every traveller needs a safe and simple way to transact abroad. This was the design behind the Bidvest Bank Mastercard® World Currency Card™ – the latest new offering to bolster the bank’s evolving digital platform.

Herman Sambo, Executive Head: Personal & Business Banking at Bidvest Bank explains, “The World Currency Card has been designed to facilitate seamless international transactions, empowering individuals, and businesses to thrive in the global economy.”

“It is the latest innovative financial solution, and we’ve dubbed it ‘your passport to smarter international travel’. Not only does this account make it easy to organise and manage your transactions and purchases while travelling, but it also supports multiple currencies.”

Effortless transactions

“For those who value financial flexibility when you’re on the move between countries, this account lets you check your bank balance, transfer funds between currencies, and perform transactions effortlessly and quickly.”

“The World Currency Card offers travellers the advantage of reducing many of the common risks associated with carrying foreign currency,” adds Sambo.

Planning ahead

Travellers can apply for a World Currency Card from Bidvest Bank up to 60 days before the travel date.

This leaves plenty of time to plan their finances and ensure a worry-free journey with borderless banking.

Changing the way you travel

The online foreign exchange card manages a traveller’s finances while travelling and includes 17 currencies. “This is rather a high number of currencies when compared to our competitors,” says Sambo.

Safety first

Your financial safety and security are of utmost importance, and as such, Bidvest Bank offers advanced security features to protect your funds from potential threats.

The card has a unique PIN which affords the consumer a purse-to-purse transfer between currencies.

“Since Covid-19 the trend for contactless transactions has increased and this card is one such solution.  It also offers the functionality of e-commerce,” Sambo says.

Local currency savings

Another advantage – besides not having to stand in queues to exchange foreign currency, is bypassing unpredictably fluctuating rates.

Instead, the World Currency Card offers a secure way to make convenient payments and purchases, even if you’re travelling to multiple destinations.

Whether you’re meeting investors in a New York skyscraper, holidaying in the sun on a Thai beach, or immersing yourself in the rich history of the Egyptian pyramids, this card offers you the financial flexibility to spend confidently wherever your travels may take you.

“The card offers consumers the ability to pay in local currency, therefor saving money on currency conversions.”

“It also offers peace of mind for travellers, and it reduces many of the common risks associated with carrying foreign currency,” says Sambo.

Round-trip home

The World Currency Card also offers the opportunity to conveniently cash out and convert any remaining foreign currency within 90 days of returning to South Africa – as per the terms of the South African Exchange Control Regulations.

The other notable aspect is that the card is available to all travellers, and you needn’t be an existing client of Bidvest Bank in order to apply for it.

Our history is steeped in the travel industry as Bidvest Bank was born from Rennies Bank, the group that has been serving South African travellers since 1954.”

“As such, we pride ourselves in understanding what South Africans want when travelling abroad,” concludes Sambo.

You can learn more about the Bidvest Bank Mastercard® World Currency Card™ here.

Source: businesstech.co.za